We work across disability services, social and community services, public transport, water, airlines, shipping, travel and IT.

Four years ago, my husband had a car accident on the way home from work. If he'd had ASU Journey Insurance, it could have literally have changed our lives.

Hariata, Disability Support WorkerHariata is an NDIS Worker and ASU delegate in her workplace
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Aruma EA

We saw Aruma’s proposed bargaining position and it was not in line with our Best NDIS claims! 29/05/2023


NDIS Days of Action 2023

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 9/05/2023

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Premier confirms legislation to Save Sydney Water!

Today, in front of ASU members working at Malabar, the Premier confirmed that on Wednesday he will be introducing legislation to keep Sydney and Hunter Water in public hands, by protecting them in the constitution. 8/05/2023