Pay rise for community and disability workers

We're calling for a wage increase for workers in the community and disability sector in the Annual Wage Review in the Fair Work Commission. 28/03/2024


Pay rise for community and disability workers

We're calling for a wage increase for workers in the community and disability sector in the Annual Wage Review in the Fair Work Commission. 28/03/2024


No cuts to sleepover pay

Big business wants to send workers backwards. We can't sleep on this issue! 7/12/2023


End Placement Poverty

All work should be paid. It is time students are paid for compulsory Community Services Degree placements. 17/10/2023


Portable Long Service Leave

The Australian Services Union is campaigning to win portable long service leave for community and disability workers in NSW. 5/10/2023


Sydney Water: Protected Action 2023

Sydney Water workers are united for fair pay and decent conditions. 25/09/2023


Sydney Water workers reject Roch's dud deal

In the highest turn out of employees voting on an EA at Sydney Water, 75 per cent rejected management’s offer of an enterprise agreement that would see employees going backwards on wages and conditions 5/09/2023

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ASU takes Sydney Water to the Fair Work Commission

Sydney Water wants to send essential workers backwards 27/07/2023


ASU for Yes

This year, Australia will vote on whether to amend our Constitution to recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Click here to find out more. 7/06/2023


A Civil Society

Join us today and stand united for a civil society. 29/05/2023


Keep Sydney Water and Hunter Water in public hands!

ASU members at Sydney Water and Hunter Water do essential work and deserve secure, well paid jobs. Click here to email your MP to keep our water from being privatised. 23/05/2023


NDIS: Let's make it the Best it can be

NDIS workers provide invaluable support to over 500,000 people living with a disability. But flaws in the system make it difficult to recruit and retain workers. 12/05/2023


It's Not Sydney Without Sydney Water

ASU members at Sydney Water are running It’s Not Sydney Without Sydney Water – a positive campaign to keep Sydney Water from being privatised. 7/12/2022


Proud To Protest

Our rights to protest are under attack. Under new laws, the NSW Government is silencing those who speak up. The Roads and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, passed in April, imposes fines of up to $22,000 and/or up to two years in jail for stand 7/12/2022


Qantas EBA 12

Qantas wants to remove SPG employees from the coverage of ASU EBA1. They want to move SPG employees onto individual “Management Framework” contracts. 7/12/2022


Celebrate Equal Pay

In 2020 ASU members in the community and disability sector won huge pay rises of between 23% and 45%. 7/12/2022


Stay On Track: a message from train workers

A safe and reliable public transport system delivered by a valued and respected workforce is essential to our economic recovery. 7/12/2022


Workers Make the Difference

Community and Disability sector workers deserve to be supported, safe and happy at work. 7/12/2022


Stand up for Super

All Australians deserve a decent retirement. Urgent action needs to be taken to get super working for women. We need to lock in a secure retirement for all women. We must upgrade the super system we’ve already built to guarantee a secure, dignified 7/12/2022


We Won’t Wait

Australian Services Union members working in domestic and family violence support are calling for at least 10 days' paid Domestic Violence Leave to be included in Australia's national workplace laws. 30/06/2022


COVID-19 Information for ASU Members

This information is for ASU members and delegates regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. 30/06/2020

On my own, I know I can't do a whole lot. But as a union member, advocating for women experiencing domestic violence, I know our lobbying and activism will result in meaningful change.
ASU member

Stop cuts to sleepover pay!

Today, ASU members rallied outside AIG headquarters in Sydney to demand they drop their outrageous attack on sleepover pay. 24/05/2024


Beyond the Headlines: Budget 2024

The Federal Government has just handed down the Budget, here is what we know. 14/05/2024


Breaking: ASU Members Win Paid Placements

Thanks to the incredible campaigning of ASU members like you, placements for social work degrees will be paid from July next year. 6/05/2024


All aboard: Transport Negotiations

The latest news from across Transport 26/04/2024