Community and disability workers deserve a pay rise

As the union for community and disability service workers, the Australian Services Union (ASU), is calling for you to have a 5% pay rise in 2024. 

You deserve a pay rise

Sign the petition. 

The Australian Services Union is calling for a wage increase for workers in the community and disability sector in the annual wage review. 

Cost of living is skyrocketing and our pay needs to keep up.

We asked ASU members how they are coping in the current cost of living crisis, and almost 50% told us that they’re living paycheque-to-paycheque. 

This has to change! 

ASU members are calling for a 5% wage increase in this year’s annual wage review. Will you join them to say that community and disability workers deserve better? 

Only by joining together through the Australian Services Union can we win the wage increases we need and deserve.

Make your voice heard.
Sign the petition here.

Join the ASU today. We are stronger together. 


Being part of sector campaigns is how I know I'm helping leave the community sector better for future generations.
Carol, ASU member

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