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On my own, I couldn't achieve much. But as a union member, we can create real change. 
Sam Parker, ASU member

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Pay rise for community and disability workers

We're calling for a wage increase for workers in the community and disability sector in the Annual Wage Review in the Fair Work Commission. 28/03/2024


Stop NDIS Wage Theft

The ASU is the disability services union and is taking dodgy provider to Fair Work to stop workers being ripped off. 16/06/2024


NEW SCHADS Award Pay Rates

Download the latest 2024 SCHADS Pay Rates. ASU members helped win an annual pay rise for all community and disability workers. 13/06/2024


Securing Portable Long Service Leave

Legislation has been tabled! 10/06/2024


A pay rise for 3 million workers

The Fair Work Commission has handed the Annual Wage Review. 4/06/2024

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