Beyond the Headlines: Budget 2024

The Federal Government has just handed down the Budget, here is what we know. 14/05/2024


Stop cuts to sleepover pay!

Today, ASU members rallied outside AIG headquarters in Sydney to demand they drop their outrageous attack on sleepover pay. 24/05/2024


Beyond the Headlines: Budget 2024

The Federal Government has just handed down the Budget, here is what we know. 14/05/2024


Breaking: ASU Members Win Paid Placements

Thanks to the incredible campaigning of ASU members like you, placements for social work degrees will be paid from July next year. 6/05/2024


All aboard: Transport Negotiations

The latest news from across Transport 26/04/2024


ACTU Statement on Gaza

Peace is union business. 22/04/2024


Aid Worker Killed in Gaza

Australian Aid Worker killed in Gaza 2/04/2024


End Unfair Evictions in NSW

Right now, the NSW Government are considering the model of eviction reform they will implement and we can influence their decision. 20/03/2024


We're calling for bail reform

We've written to the Premier to say his laws will make crime worse, not better. 20/03/2024


Union win: Paid Parental Leave is increasing to 6 months!

This is a huge win by ASU members for fairer workplaces, for women, for parents, and all workers. 18/03/2024


Super to be paid on paid parental leave!

Landmark victory by ASU members in the fight for secure retirement 7/03/2024


ASU Hub Days

Are you getting the most out of your union membership? Join us at a Hub Day near you! 7/03/2024


Annual Wage Review: Community & Disability Workers Deserve Better

Frontline workers supporting our communities deserve secure, decent and well-paid jobs. To make this happen, we need your input. 6/03/2024


Open letter to the Federal Homelessness Minister

The Australian Services Union has co-signed a letter to Federal Homelessness Minister Julie Collins with homelessness organisations across Australia. 23/02/2024


International Women's Day 2024

Join us in powering equality and accelerating inclusion in this year’s International Women’s Day march 21/02/2024


ASU World Social Justice Day Statement

Peace is union business. 20/02/2024


Happy Lunar New Year!

We ran a stall at Fairfield's annual Tet festival. Did you see us there? 19/02/2024


Mardi Gras 2024: Get Involved!

It's Mardi Gras season! Click here for union activities and ways to get involved. 16/02/2024


Solidarity with the EDO

Statement from the Secretary 2/02/2024


Vale Fran Hayes

Vale Fran: unionist, feminist, ASU legend. 13/12/2023


2023 Branch Council

Last week, our Branch Council met, comprising of elected delegates from the across our ASU industries. 7/12/2023


New Union Shopper Savings!

With the holidays around the corner, there's never been a better time to check out Union Shopper's latest savings - available to you free with your ASU membership! 7/12/2023

/images/Union branch/ASU_NSW/Campaigns/Proud to Protest/P2Psquare.png

Proud to Protest: Scrap the Laws

NSW Government is fining protesters up to $22,000. Every day people that speak up can be impacted by this law. 29/11/2023


ASU Ceasefire Statement

The Australian Union movement is united for peace around the world. 16/11/2023


Award Winning ASU Members!

Narelle Clay and Sharon Callaghan have been recognised at SCLC! 15/11/2023

/images/Union%20branch/ASU_NSW/News/SACS/SACS-ASU WIN public holiday swap.png

ASU Members Win Right to Public Holiday Swap

ASU member have won the right to request swap public holidays after a member-led push to win more flexible and inclusive workplaces. 13/11/2023


NSW Equality Laws

The Australian Services Union is calling on the NSW Government to pass new legislation and improve equality in NSW. 1/11/2023


Australian Unions Stand For Peace

The Australian Union movement is united for peace around the world. 21/10/2023


Disability Royal Commission

Today the Disability Royal Commission handed down it final report. As the disability union, here are some key findings for disability workers. 29/09/2023


NSW Budget: Breakdown

A breakdown of the NSW Government's 2023 Budget for the community and disability sector 19/09/2023


All Member Survey: We Want To Hear From You!

What do you like about the ASU? Let us know and go into the draw for 1 in 5 $200 vouchers! 7/09/2023


Breaking News: Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Steps Down

After weeks of scandalous allegations about the management of QANTAS by Alan Joyce, the besieged CEO has decided it is time to go. 6/09/2023


Sydney Water workers reject Roch's dud deal

In the highest turn out of employees voting on an EA at Sydney Water, 75 per cent rejected management’s offer of an enterprise agreement that would see employees going backwards on wages and conditions 5/09/2023


2023 SACS Conference

Today, ASU delegates from across the community and disability services came together to discuss 5 years since we formulated our Civil Society campaign, our wins and what we should aim for next. 24/08/2023


2023 Disability Services Conference

Today, ASU delegates from across disability services came together to discuss the changes the sector needs to make the NDIS the Best It Can Be 23/08/2023

/images/Union branch/ASU_NSW/Campaigns/SydWater/SWnoEA.png

Sydney Water Vote No

Roch Cheroux is offering Sydney Water workers the WORST EA in the entire Australian water industry. Essential workers deserve better. 22/08/2023

/images/Union branch/ASU_NSW/News/Water/SWFWCJanPW.png

ASU takes Sydney Water to the Fair Work Commission

Sydney Water wants to send essential workers backwards 27/07/2023


A meeting 12 years in the making

Delegates from the community sector met with NSW members of parliament. Click here to learn more about what they discussed. 4/07/2023


Huge week for NDIS workers!

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 3/07/2023


Your New 2023 Pay Rates

Download a copy of your 2023 pay rates here! 15/06/2023


WIN: A historic increase to Australian minimum wage and awards!

Union win! 5.75% pay rise for award wages 2/06/2023

/images/Union branch/ASU_NSW/News/SACS/Aruma EA/Parkdale photo.jpg

Aruma EA

We saw Aruma’s proposed bargaining position and it was not in line with our Best NDIS claims! 29/05/2023


NDIS Days of Action 2023

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 9/05/2023

/images/Union branch/ASU_NSW/News/Water/Malabar02.png

Premier confirms legislation to Save Sydney Water!

Today, in front of ASU members working at Malabar, the Premier confirmed that on Wednesday he will be introducing legislation to keep Sydney and Hunter Water in public hands, by protecting them in the constitution. 8/05/2023


ASU Members @ May Day 2023 events!

ASU members celebrating May Day 2023 3/05/2023


May Day 2023

Workers of the world unite 18/04/2023


Jan Primrose, our new Deputy Secretary!

Introducing our new Deputy Secretary, Jan Primrose! 3/04/2023


Workers Unite at Apple

Workers at Apple are coming together to bargain for a better Enterprise Agreement 31/03/2023


Restoring the Balance: Farewell Judith

After 14 years at the ASU, we're saying goodbye to Judith Wright. 31/03/2023


It's time for a pay rise

Everything's going up except your wages - sign our petition to FWC TODAY! 31/03/2023


We Won't Wait FDV Factsheets

Our paid family and domestic violence leave fact sheets are now available in multiple languages. 16/03/2023


Sydney Water Petition

Sydney Water is under threat - sign our petition to save our water today! 15/03/2023


NSW State Election News

We wrote to the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition, and the NSW Greens seeking their commitment to ASU members jobs and priorities. Click here for there responses. 14/03/2023


Across the Union: Water

The Australian Services Union is the Union for workers across NSW public water utilities and water contractors. 26/04/2023


Water bills would soar by $264 a year if Sydney Water privatised

Residents would be “penalised twice” through soaring water bills and potential new taxes if a state asset is sold to private buyers, new modelling suggests. 9/03/2023


Across the Union: Transport and Technology

The Australian Services Union is the Union for senior and salaried workers across the NSW public transport system. 9/03/2023


Across the Union: Social and Community Services

We are the Union for workers across the social and community services sector. 9/03/2023


Across the Union: Airlines

We are the Union for administrative, clerical and service workers in the Airlines, Travel, Shipping and Information Technology industries. 9/03/2023


Across the Union: Disability Workers

We are the Union for workers in the disability sector. 14/02/2023


What Are Portable Entitlements?

All community services workers get portable long service leave in the Northern Territory, ACT, Victoria, and Queensland based on the years they have worked in the sector. It's time for New South Wales to follow suit. 14/03/2023


BREAKING: 10 Days Paid DV Leave legislation passes

We are a union of 15,000 workers and we have achieved paid family and domestic violence leave as an entitlement for 11 million workers. 27/10/2022


Register your own #bestNDIS Event

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 30/09/2022


Proud to Protest

NSW Government wants to fine protesters up to $20,000. Every day people that speak up can be impacted by this law. 30/09/2022


NDIS Days of Action

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 30/09/2022


Congratulations to our new leadership team!

Congratulations to our new leadership team, ASU Secretary Angus McFarland and Deputy Secretary Judith Wright! 15/09/2022


ASU delegates at WIMDOI

ASU Delegates are in Canberra this week for WIMDOI. 14/09/2022


Farewell from Natalie Lang

After eight incredible years in this role, I will be standing down as Secretary. My last day at the ASU will be Friday 16 September. 1/09/2022


Union members take Apple to Fair Work

Apple, one of the world’s richest multinationals, is trying to rush though a new Agreement that would mean real wage cuts for over 4000 Australian workers and leave people working up to 60 hours without overtime. 23/08/2022


Disability Delegates Conference 2022

ASU members have a vision for a better NDIS, one where workers are respected, valued and trained properly. 10/08/2022


Community and Disability Delegates Conference 2022

Community and disability workers from across charities, NDIS organisations, neghbourhood centres and refuges came together to plan for a civil society. 10/08/2022


BREAKING: We have won an extra 9% funding increase to the NDIS!

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten has announced a 9% funding increase to the NDIS. This will cover union won wage increases and new entitlements for disability workers starting from 1 July. 22/06/2022


NSW Budget gives Essential Workers a Pay Cut

The Government has today locked in a 3% wage cap - which is 2.5% below inflation. That means essential workers will be on average $2142 worse off this year. 21/06/2022


New Government to enact Universal Paid Domestic Violence leave ASAP

The Federal Government has written to the Fair Work Commission committing to introduce universal paid leave for family and domestic violence. This is a huge win for ASU members who have been behind the We Won't Wait campaign for 8 years. 17/06/2022



Watch our special briefing and go beyond the headlines to find out what is in this year's Federal Budget for community and disability workers. 29/03/2022


Labor's plan for the social and community sector

Labor have announced its plan to restore respect to the community sector through better job security, pay, and the support they need to do their important work. Federal Labor has committed to making sure funding is adequate to cover increases in the 15/03/2022


NSW Labor commits to portable entitlements

ASU members have been campaigning for portable entitlements for years - and today we took a big step forward. 27/10/2019


Sydney Water: Protected Action 2023

ASU members at Sydney Water are taking action to protect our rights at work 29/09/2017