What Are Portable Entitlements?

All community services workers get portable long service leave in the Northern Territory, ACT, Victoria, and Queensland based on the years they have worked in the sector. It's time for New South Wales to follow suit. 31/01/2023


BREAKING: 10 Days Paid DV Leave legislation passes

We are a union of 15,000 workers and we have achieved paid family and domestic violence leave as an entitlement for 11 million workers. 27/10/2022


NDIS Days of Action

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 30/09/2022


Register your own #bestNDIS Event

Disability workers are calling on the Government to make the NDIS the best it can be. 30/09/2022


Proud to Protest

NSW Government wants to fine protesters up to $20,000. Every day people that speak up can be impacted by this law. 30/09/2022


Congratulations to our new leadership team!

Congratulations to our new leadership team, ASU Secretary Angus McFarland and Deputy Secretary Judith Wright! 15/09/2022


ASU delegates at WIMDOI

ASU Delegates are in Canberra this week for WIMDOI. 14/09/2022


Farewell from Natalie Lang

After eight incredible years in this role, I will be standing down as Secretary. My last day at the ASU will be Friday 16 September. 1/09/2022


Union members take Apple to Fair Work

Apple, one of the world’s richest multinationals, is trying to rush though a new Agreement that would mean real wage cuts for over 4000 Australian workers and leave people working up to 60 hours without overtime. 23/08/2022


Community and Disability Delegates Conference 2022

Community and disability workers from across charities, NDIS organisations, neghbourhood centres and refuges came together to plan for a civil society. 10/08/2022


Disability Delegates Conference 2022

ASU members have a vision for a better NDIS, one where workers are respected, valued and trained properly. 10/08/2022


BREAKING: We have won an extra 9% funding increase to the NDIS!

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten has announced a 9% funding increase to the NDIS. This will cover union won wage increases and new entitlements for disability workers starting from 1 July. 22/06/2022


NSW Budget gives Essential Workers a Pay Cut

The Government has today locked in a 3% wage cap - which is 2.5% below inflation. That means essential workers will be on average $2142 worse off this year. 21/06/2022


New Government to enact Universal Paid Domestic Violence leave ASAP

The Federal Government has written to the Fair Work Commission committing to introduce universal paid leave for family and domestic violence. This is a huge win for ASU members who have been behind the We Won't Wait campaign for 8 years. 17/06/2022


Labor's plan for the social and community sector

Labor have announced its plan to restore respect to the community sector through better job security, pay, and the support they need to do their important work. Federal Labor has committed to making sure funding is adequate to cover increases in the 15/03/2022


NSW Labor commits to portable entitlements

ASU members have been campaigning for portable entitlements for years - and today we took a big step forward. 27/10/2019