You have the right to be safe at work.

Workplace health and safety is Union business.

As a member of the ASU, you have access to our specialist workplace health and safety support services for issues like:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Role overload (high workloads or job demands)
  • Role conflicts
  • Exposure to traumatic events (including vicarious trauma)
  • Poor workplace relations
  • Remote or isolated work
  • Hazardous physical work environments
If you are experiencing any of these hazards, call our team on (02) 9310 4000 or email us at [email protected] for individual support.

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A healthy workplace starts with secure employment, reasonable expectations from your employer and active management regarding workplace risks. The Australian Services Union takes the health and safety very seriously. Our team are dedicated to improving both the physical and mental health and safety of our members. At a broader level, we campaign for industrial improvements to conditions and/or legislation to ensure workplaces adopt safer practices.
If you have a concern about the safety of your workplace, our expert team can help you resolve the issue. Workplaces have different risks that our unions helps members with, including:

Workplace injuries:

Your workplace should be safe. It is the responsibility of your employer to make it so. Remember, if something goes wrong, you have rights. However, around 80% of workers who incurred an injury or illness at work fail to make a workers’ compensation claim. People in insecure employment are even less likely to make a claim. If your workplace is unsafe, the Australia Services Union is here to support you. When things go wrong, we ensure you get your entitlements and the assistance you need. 

Workplace mental health:

Work can hugely impact our mental health. The Australian Services Union defends your right to work in positive, supportive, and inclusive environment where your mental health and wellbeing are protected. We are also a key driver of an Australia-wide initiative called Mind your head designed to increase awareness about workplace mental health.

Workplace sexual harassment and assault:

Workplace sexual harassment and assault is serious, and it is chronically underreported. The Australian Services Union works with our members to combat sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. When incidents happen, we ensure members are protected and given support.

Download our guide to prevent violence when working from home here. 

Heat exposure:

Working outdoors, in occupations where plants or processes generate radiant heat, and in poorly ventilated buildings or vehicles all contribute to heat exposure. Through negotiating agreements and policies, and with your Health & Safety Representative, the Australian Services Union can provide advice, support, and representation at your workplace.

Need some advice or assistance? Our Member Assistance Team offers confidential workplace advice and support to ASU members. Call 02 9310 4000 or email [email protected]

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Family and Domestic Violence is a workplace issue.

The ASU has developed a number of resources to be used in workplaces to support workers who are experiencing family or domestic violence.

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