ASU members at Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink play an essential role in delivering 330 million train journeys per year.

We provide safe and reliable services with customer satisfaction being consistently at least 90% across all modes of transport.

During COVID-19, essential workers including cleaners, teachers, health workers and tradespeople use public transport to travel to work

Public transport is environmentally sustainable, affordable and accessible.

A safe and reliable public transport system delivered by a valued and respected workforce is essential to our economic recovery.

Your train services are under threat

In 2019, Transport for NSW unveiled its “Evolving Transport” Program. Unfortunately, it’s become clear that the true intention of “Evolving Transport” is to gut Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink of corporate functions, forcing existing workers to compete for their jobs in a transport super-agency.

These agencies will be so much easier to sell to the highest private bidder.

This is privatisation by stealth - and for the past year, Union members have been campaigning to protect your public transport services while bargaining for a new enterprise agreement. On 21 February, the NSW Government cancelled all train services in retaliation to a planned protected action by union members as part of bargaining.

Transport workers turned up to work and found that the NSW Government had shut down the rail network without warning leaving thousands of commuters stranded.

The NSW Government caused chaos as people of Sydney struggled to get to work, school and important appointments.

Weeks later, it was revealed in NSW Parliament that the Rail shut-down was planned all along by the NSW Government - who hoped that the Fair Work Commission would intervene and carry out the NSW Government's wish to reduce employees' conditions and job security.

This strategy backfired with Dominic Perrottet now facing huge pressure to value nurses, teachers, rail workers and other essential workers.

Email your NSW MP today to ensure safety, conditions and job security on the train system - click here.

"I'm an ASU member because they've always got my back."
ASU member

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