ASU members believe that our communities deserve better.


Race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, income, or postcode should not determine your right to justice. We want a society where no one is left behind.

We believe that achieving a Civil Society is only possible if the work of ASU members is properly valued and respected by both employers and Government.

Five years ago, ASU members built a 10-year vision for our sector known as the Civil Society campaign. This vision came from over 300 workplace union meetings and 20 regional town hall meetings.

Five years on it is time to review this plan together. We have achieved a lot in those five years and still there is much more to do.

Read all the demands in our claim for building and supporting a truly Civil Society here.



Will you stand united with us as we campaign for better respect and value of the work of our community sector?


"I'm an ASU member because they've always got my back."
ASU member

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