Qantas wants to remove SPG employees from the coverage of ASU EBA1. They want to move SPG employees onto individual “Management Framework” contracts.

Why does Qantas want to remove SPG employees from the ASU EBA12 agreement?

a. This will remove your ability to collectively bargain for better pay and conditions, and you will not receive the benefits of the ASU EBA12 (like guaranteed annual pay increases).

b. This is just the latest step by Qantas to remove your ability to collectively bargain for better pay and conditions. Don’t forget, in 2019 Qantas was forced to concede that hundreds of employees on exec contracts were actually covered by the ASU EBA – and had to move most of these employees back into SPG roles (and pay $9 million in backpay and interest)!

c. Since then, we’ve seen them come after other groups of Qantas employees (like cabin crew, and ramp employees).

What happens to SPG employees if a new ASU EBA12 is voted up?

a. If SPG employees are removed from coverage of ASU EBA12, SPG employees will remain covered by ASU EBA11, until Qantas applies to terminate it and offers you an individual contract – but we don’t know what these contracts will look like.

I’m not a manager – why does Qantas want me to be on a management contract?

a. This decision is not about SPG employees being managers. Qantas wants you off the EBA and onto individual contracts, so you don’t have the collective bargaining power of the ASU behind you when it comes to deciding your pay and conditions.

What will the ASU EBA12 pay offer mean for me?

a. If you are removed from coverage of ASU EBA12 - absolutely nothing.

b. If SPG employees aren’t on the ASU EBA12 you won’t be entitled to the pay increase, we win in EBA12 (or any future EBA increases). You will have to negotiate your own pay increase with Qantas every year.

What can we do to keep SPG employees on the ASU EBA12?

a. The Australian Services Union will not stand by and let Qantas take away your hard won pay and conditions, and further diminish the ability of their employees to collectively bargain for improved pay and conditions.

b. We are working across the country to build a strong and active campaign to keep SPG employees on the ASU EBA and we need all SPG employees to get involved.

We need as many SPG employees
standing together as possible

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