Our rights to protest are under attack.

Under new laws, the NSW Government is silencing those who speak up.

The Roads and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, passed in April, imposes fines of up to $22,000 and/or up to two years in jail for standing up and speaking out.

Dominic Perrottet and his government want us to believe that those who protest are law-breaking extremists that want to inconvenience the public - but we know this isn't true.

Every day people that speak up can be impacted by this law.

Protests are a positive influence on Australia's progress as a country.

They strengthen our democracy and have led to many historic changes that today benefit millions of Australians through gender equality, Indigenous land rights, environmental protections, LGBTQIA+ rights and so much more.

We have to stand up and make our voice heard to protect our rights to protest.

We are #ProudToProtest.

Sign the petition here

@australianservicesunion Everyday people that speak up can be impacted by this law. If you’re #ProudToProtest let us know by sharing your protest stories and photos! #climateaction #womensmarch #activism ♬ Solidarity Forever - Pete Seeger

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