What is a workplace delegate?

Delegates are ASU members like you who are leaders in their workplaces and our union. They have voluntarily taken on the responsibility to support their fellow union members to make our workplaces better.

Our delegates are supported by our union and fellow union members. By standing together, we can achieve better pay, conditions and workplaces for everyone.

An ASU delegate is one of the most important positions in our union, keeping our members informed and united around common goals. Delegates provide direct feedback to the union on issues occurring in our workplaces.

Workplace delegates receive training in communication, problem-solving and negotiation skills so that they can be confident in handling any situation. Delegates are supported with training to build up these skills at their own pace, and depending on the workplace, this may be on paid time by your employer (check your agreement, or talk to an organiser to confirm your situation).

As an ASU delegate you are never alone

Your greatest resource is the support of the members around you. But sometimes you need a little advice to help you on your way!
Contact us for advice and support about pay and conditions, workers compensation, workplace health and safety (including bullying and harassment) or any other industrial matter.

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What is the role of a union delegate?

Being an ASU delegate involves:

  • Ongoing training to improve your skills and knowledge;
  • Assisting members with employment related questions;
  • Talking to management to resolve workplace issues with support and advice from our union;
  • Promoting our union with new employees and non-union members to keep our workplaces strong, and
  • Updating members on agreement negotiations and assisting in preparing members claims.
  • Delegates may be invited to represent their workplace at our conferences and committees.

How to become a union delegate

Want to become a delegate or find your local delegate? Speak to your union organiser, email [email protected] or contact us here. 

Workplace delegates at Community and Disability Services Delegates Conference 2022

As a delegate, I tell new workers how we support people in need, how if they have issues in the workplace they know where to come to get good advice.
Tammy Disability Support Worker and ASU DelegateDisability support worker Tammy is an ASU delegate in Dubbo