Social and Community Services

We are the Union for workers across the social and community services sector.

Our members ensure that ours is a civil society, where we protect the vulnerable, where everyone can participate in and be part of our community. We are charity workers, advocates, support workers, case workers, carers, trainers, coordinators, social workers, counsellors, solicitors, clerical and administrative support.


We work at local community services, the heart of our communities, across:

  • Child Protection, Youth and Family services
  • Health, Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drug services
  • Community and Neighbourhood services
  • Migrant and Settlement services
  • Homelessness, Housing and Tenancy services
  • Community Legal services
  • Aboriginal services
  • Women’s services
  • Policy, Advocacy and Campaigning
  • Employment services
  • Community Transport
  • Aged Care
  • Disability Services and the NDIS

The ASU is the union for social workers and non profit organisations. We work across the sector from small local neighbourhood centres, community centres, to regional organisations, to major organisations like Life Without Barriers, Mission, Mission Australia, Settlement Services International, St Vincent De Paul Society, The Benevolent Society, Uniting, GetUp, and Amnesty International.

As a union member, there is always someone by your side. Our expert team can provide you with advice and support about any issue at work.

Membership is tax-deductible. Membership includes free journey insurance and professional indemnity insurance.  Union members are provided with complimentary membership of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners   - and can access their full catalogue of training for no additional cost. There is a wide range of $0 professional development training for union members.

Union membership gives you access to discounts at major brands and retailers   - allowing you to save money on groceries, petrol, holidays and entertainment.

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We believe in a Civil Society.

We believe that achieving a Civil Society is only possible if the work of ASU members in the social and community services sector is properly valued and respected by both employers and Government.

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Asian Women at Work community worker Bich Thuy
I'm campaigning for better funding. If we get more funding we will get more workers to share the job with us
Bich Thuy Pham, Community Worker in South West Sydney

No cuts to sleepover pay

Big business wants to send workers backwards. We can't sleep on this issue! 7/12/2023