The ASU is the Union for Disability Support Workers

We are the Union for workers in the disability sector. Join today.  

We are support workers, sole traders, caseworkers, social educators, advocates, team leaders, carers, trainers, coordinators, managers, counsellors, CEOs and admin workers. We are permanent, part-time, casuals and sole traders.


We are one of the fastest-growing unions in Australia. We have members at thousands of disability providers including Aruma, HireUp, Mable, St Vincent de Paul, Ability Options, Lifestyle Solutions, LiveBetter, Flourish, Disability Services Australia, Challenge Community Services, The Benevolent Society, Australian Unity, Achieve Australia and Life Without Barriers.

The ASU is the NDIS union. Join today.

As a union member, there is always someone by your side. Our expert team can provide you with advice and support  about any issue at work.

Membership is tax-deductible and includes free journey insurance and professional indemnity insurance.  

Union members are provided with complimentary membership of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners  - and can access their full catalogue of training for no additional cost.

There is a wide range of training for union members through ASU Career Launchpad   - including improving your IT skills and understanding the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Union membership gives you access to discounts at major brands and retailers - allowing you to save money on groceries, petrol, holidays and entertainment.

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Q: Is there a union for disability support workers?
A: The Australian Services Union is the disability union.

Q: Is there a union for disability sole traders?
A: Yes  - the Australian Services Union.

Q: Can casuals join the union?
A: Absolutely! It's so important for casuals to be union members. You can access all the benefits and services (such as professional indemnity insurance!)  and get advice and protection at work.

Q: What insurance does the union provide for disability support workers?
A: All disability support workers are covered with our Professional Indemnity Insurance and Journey Insurance.

Q: How much do disability support workers earn in Australia?
A: The ASU won pay rises for Disability Workers. We won two pay rises year between 2012 and 2020. This is known as Equal Pay. Find your disability support worker pay rate at

Q: What is the disability award classification or disability support worker level?
A: Disability Support Workers are usually Level 2 or 3 on the SCHADS Award. There are different pay points based on your years of service. Union members can speak with the union to make sure you're being paid the correct rate. Check your classification at

It's tax-deductible and includes insurance. You're covered for advice and support if something goes wrong . You get discounts at major retailers and can access career development and training courses for free.  

Download Australia's Disability Strategy 2021 - 2031 here.

More than one in six Australians have a disability. More than one in six of the people who share our homes and workplaces, our streets and cities, our lives and hearts. They are our brothers and sisters, parents and children, colleagues and co-workers, partners and friends. Our responsibility as governments, leaders and citizens is to build a society in which people with disability can participate as equal members with equal opportunities to fulfill their potential.

ASU members are meeting regularly to discuss the strategy and the role of the essential workforce. Click here to join our next meeting or contact Disability Organiser Amanda Carr ([email protected]).

Disability support workers

People with disability deserve secure, trained workers who can provide ongoing support.

The ASU is the union for disability workers. We stand with people with disability to campaign for the best NDIS.

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The ASU has been with me every step of the way from helping me secure permanency to protecting my penalty rates
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