Airlines, Shipping, Travel and IT

We are the Union for administrative, clerical and service workers in the Airlines, Travel, Shipping and Information Technology industries.

Our members check in passengers, ‘balance’ planes, work in sales and marketing and provide clerical and administrative support in passenger and cargo aviation services. We work in all aspects of the travel industry and are behind the scenes in shipping companies.

Our members install, repair and maintain equipment that keeps workplaces functioning. We also provide support to customers with software issues.

We work at Qantas, Menzies, Dnata, Aerocare and all major international airlines. We are at Helloworld, Flight Centre and Travelex, Wilhelmsen Ship Services, Five Star Shipping and in many other travel and shipping companies.

We work at Canon, Fuji Xerox, IBM, Apple Inc., NCR, Konica Minolta and in many other Info Tech, Business Equipment and Help Desk service providers.


As a union member, there is always someone by your side. Our expert team can provide you with advice and support  about any issue at work.

Membership is tax-deductible and includes free journey insurance.

Union membership gives you access to discounts at major brands and retailers  - allowing you to save money on groceries, petrol, holidays and entertainment.

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Keep Australia Flying

Australian Services Union members are campaigning for respect for Australia’s aviation sector, so that our experienced and skilled airlines workers are supported. 


Union members at Menzies aviation won 12% increase over 3 years.
Our pay has gone up 12.55% over 3 years, thanks to union organising and negotiating.
ASU members at Menzies 

Pay rise for community and disability workers

We're calling for a wage increase for workers in the community and disability sector in the Annual Wage Review in the Fair Work Commission. 28/03/2024