Transport workers

The Australian Services Union is the Union for Senior and Salaried workers across the NSW public transport system.

ASU members make sure that our State’s public transport system works smoothly and efficiently for the travelling public and we proudly fight for better public transport services for all.

We are Senior and Salaried workers across the NSW public transport system and represent workers at Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, Transport for NSW, Sydney Metro, RMS, Harbour City Ferries, ARTC, and other transport agencies.

The ASU is a winning Union across public transport and have been instrumental in improving pay and conditions for our members.

Together we have:

  • Protected pay and conditions for workers affected by the Corporate Functions Review by allowing workers to keep their Opal Cards, Picnic Days, and the Rail Redundancy Deed.

  • Smashed the State Government wage’s policy during the Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink EA negotiations.

  • Represented our members’ best interests at local, peak, and Government levels.

  • Actively supported members with back pay, reclassifications, workers compensation claims, and rostering protections across the network.

From industry leading EA and Award negotiations to supporting our members at work and at home, the ASU is always by your side!


As a union member, there is always someone by your side. Our expert team can provide you with advice and support  about any issue at work.

Membership is tax-deductible and includes free journey insurance.

Union membership gives you access to discounts at major brands and retailers  - allowing you to save money on groceries, petrol, holidays and entertainment.

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Transport workers are essential.

A safe and reliable public transport system delivered by a valued and respected workforce is essential to our economic recovery.
We've been taking action to ensure we are safe and paid properly at work.

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Sydney Trains Worker Tim Neill ASU Delegate of the Year
We don’t do anything alone - we all do it together. Across our ASU, across unions, across industries. We’re always together, which is why we’re so strong.
Tim Neill, ASU Member at Sydney Trains

No cuts to sleepover pay

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