Breaking News: Alan Who?


After weeks of scandalous allegations about the management of QANTAS by Alan Joyce, the beseiged CEO has decided it is time to go.

QANTAS once had the reputation of being the best and safest airline in the world – a reputation built entirely on the skill and commitment of its staff. With Alan Joyce gone, it is now time for QANTAS to rebuild their damaged reputation. The very best place to start is by rebuilding the relationship between management and staff. It is very clear that that the merciless drive for profits has led Qantas to lose its way. 

The new CEO, Vanessa Hudson has a rare opportunity to rebuild the relationship with QANTAS workers and the flying public. 

It’s time to put an end to outsourcing and cost-cutting and start building a strong local workforce of highly skilled customer service professionals – with good quality jobs, fair pay and conditions and real job security.

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