Disability Royal Commission

29 September 2023

Today the Australian Government has released the findings of the Disability Royal Commission.

People with disability campaigned for years for this Royal CommissionToday is a historic day for disability rights in our country.

We stand alongside all people with disability in their struggle to be free from all forms of abuse, exploitation and neglect. We stand with them in their campaign to have their human rights upheld and protected.

While we are still working our way through the recommendations what we do know is that the Royal Commission has recommended:

1. Portable training and leave for NDIS workers as part of a worker registration scheme in the NDIS.

2. Reviewing the SCHADS Award to close loopholes where people are not paid properly for the work they are doing in the NDIS.

3. Better access to advocacy services for NDIS participants and for advocacy support to be part of all NDIS plans for people with disability in supported accommodation

This is consistent with our campaign for the Best NDIS and what ASU members have been calling for many years.

The Royal Commission has also recommended reforms to group homes and disability employment services so that the human rights of people with disability are better recognised and upheld in their housing and employment.

I love being a member of the ASU because as a collective we make a difference in the lives of all of the workers across the community sector
Josephine ASU member