16 February 2024

With the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival season beginning today, I wanted to share some ways to get involved I'm looking forward to this year. 

Union Pride at Mardi Gras

Last year, ASU Secretary Angus McFarland proudly marched in the Sydney WorldPride Mardi Gras parade, alongside ASU members and unionists from across the movement. Our Union Pride float was later awarded the coveted "Sprit of 1978" Mardi Gras Award for our float in the parade. Last year we paid tribute to the 50 year anniversary of the first Pink Ban - a strike by the NSW Builders Labourers Federation - the first industrial action for LGBTQIA+ rights anywhere in the world.

This year, we are celebrating our First Nations members with a float designed by Birri Gubba woman Lara Watson, ACTU Indigenous Officer and artist behind "Wadya Gathering", which was proudly used by the Yes campaign. Keep an eye out for us on parade night!
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Ban Asbestos

Like many in our community, the ASU was disappointed to learn one of the most loved events on the Mardi Gras calendar, Fair Day, won't be going ahead this year.
The ASU is a regular at Fair Day, and we know many ASU organisations are there too (hi ACON, Twenty10, Bobby Goldsmith, Uniting, Sydney Water and Qantas!).
If you'd like to take your Fair Day virtual, Mardi Gras have created a list of organisations involved in this year's Fair Day. Click here to learn more.
Whilst we're disappointed, we commend Mardi Gras on making the decision to protect the community. In Australia, we know how dangerous asbestos can be.

In many countries, corporations place the health and safety of workers and communities in danger by mining, manufacturing, and using asbestos. Every day, thousands of people are still exposed to deadly asbestos. While some people profit, other people die.
We want to secure an asbestos-free future because as long as asbestos is being used anywhere, it remains a risk everywhere.
Right now, Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA is campaigning to end the use of asbestos worldwide. Click here to learn more.

Queers in Conversation

Hosted by ASU members at the NSW Council of Civil Liberties
Join a panel discussion on protest, policing and Mardi Gras from 6pm on 27 February at the Burdekin Hotel on Oxford St, Darlinghurst. 
Given changes to the relationship between Mardi Gras and police, and the violence that we've seen affecting the queer community recently, it seemed like a good time for a discussion. We also hope that the event will bring together activist, advocacy and legal minds from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies to share in some queer joy and hope during the Mardi Gras festivities too.
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Pride in Your Workplace

Did you catch our online webinar Pride in Your Workplace last year? 
With special guests from ACON, Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) and Positive Life NSW, in this webinar we hear from community LGBTQIA+ activists on their priority issues and how we can work together for real change.
Watch here.

ASU Pride Pack

Want to share your pride at work? We've got posters, postcards and lanyards!

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