It's time for a pay rise

The ASU, along with other unions, has lodged a case at the Fair Work Commission for a 7% pay rise for workers on the minimum wage.

From the supermarket to the petrol pump – everything is going up except our wages.


It’s time for a pay rise. We’re calling for a 7% pay rise

in the National Wage Case. Add your support here.


Australia is in a cost-of-living crisis and workers are feeling the crunch. We need a genuine wage increase NOW.


Join the Australian Services Union and sign our petition calling for a 7% increase.


We are making a case in the Fair Work Commission for a 7% pay rise that will allow us to not only get by but save for the future.


Sign the petition to support a 7% pay rise


The ASU is your voice for a pay rise. Only by joining together through the union can we win the pay rise we need now.