Paid Domestic Violence Leave is now law for every worker in Australia

We are a union of 15,000 workers and we have achieved paid family and domestic violence leave as an entitlement for 11 million workers.

It was ASU members who started the We Won’t Wait campaign for universal 10 days paid domestic violence leave over 10 years ago.

From the very beginning we insisted that this needed to be a universal paid entitlement.

Today, the Commonwealth Parliament has passed the legislation to include 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in the National Employment Standards.

A woman’s right to safety can’t be dependent on who her employer is, how many hours she works, or how she is employed.

ASU members worked to make sure this leave is a right for every single worker: for this right to be paid and universal.

Enshrining this new workplace right into legislation means nearly every worker in Australia including casual, part time and permanent workers will have the security to leave a dangerous relationship.

Along the way, we were told many times that we would never achieve this. Today, we have shown that once again, as ASU members, we are unstoppable.

Congratulations to every ASU member – you should be incredibly proud that you helped win this for 11 million workers in Australia.

Who can access paid family and domestic violence leave?

10 days paid domestic violence leave will be part of the National Employment Standards, along with other entitlements like sick leave and annual leave.

Domestic violence leave will be the first paid entitlement to be available to casuals as well.

The full ten days will be available to part time employees, not on a pro-rated basis.

Every worker will be able to access 10 days paid domestic violence leave per year, and this amount does not accrue year to year.

When does the new paid domestic violence leave entitlement come into effect?

The new 10 days paid domestic violence leave entitlement will be accessible to most workers from 1 February 2023

If you’re employed by a small business (fewer than 15 employees), you will have access to this leave from 1 August 2023

Until then, every worker still has access to 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave (or what is provided for in your workplace agreement, if this is more than 5 days)

How to access paid family and domestic violence leave?

You can claim this leave in the exact same way you would apply for other leave like sick and annual leave.

Unions are working with the government to educate workplaces to set up private and secure protocols, to make sure this leave is implemented safely in your workplace.

If you have any questions about implementing safe and sensitive measures in your workplace, please contact your union.

The ASU has been with me every step of the way from helping me secure permanency to protecting my penalty rates
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