NSW Labor commits to portable entitlements

ASU members have been campaigning for portable entitlements for years - and today we took a big step forward.

The NSW Labor Opposition has announced that if elected they will provide portable entitlements for disability workers in NSW.

Disability workers in Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and the Northern Territory all have access to portable entitlements including long service leave. This means that any leave you accrue stays with you - even if you move to a different provider or to a new platform.

How much leave would you have today if you had portable entitlements?

Find out how much leave you would have if you had portable leave based on how many years you've worked in the sector.

Calculate your leave at findmyleave.com.au

What are Portable Entitlements?

Portable entitlements mean that workers can access entitlements like leave regardless of how they are employed, where they work, or if they change jobs.

For example Superannuation is a portable entitlement – something that you carry with you from job to job and build over time.

All community services workers get portable long service leave in the Northern Territory, ACT, Victoria, and Queensland based on the years they have worked in the sector – not the years they have worked for a particular employer. This applies to casuals too.

It's time for New South Wales to follow suit.

So what now?

We need this to become law. To do that we need to convince the Perrottet Government to vote for this legislation, or we need to change the Government.

The best thing we can do now, is to keep talking about why this matters in our workplace and in our community.

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