The Australian Services Union is the Union for workers across NSW public water utilities and water contractors.

ASU members deliver fresh water to homes across NSW and make sure waste water is safely dealt with. We proudly fight to keep our Water in public hands.



ASU delegates joined ASU Organisers (Monica Dos Santos and Mick Woods), ASU Assistant Secretary (Patrick Bates) and ASU Deputy Secretary (Jan Primrose) at the first negotiation with Sydney Water management for the 2023 Sydney Water Enterprise Agreement.

Sydney Water: Fighting for fair pay and decent conditions

ASU members have developed and endorsed our comprehensive Log of Claims. We are calling for fair pay and decent conditions. Read our Sydney Water Log of Claims here .

Protecting Sydney Water from privatisation

Australian Services Union members working at Sydney Water campaigned to protect Sydney Water from privatistaion.

Privatisation of Sydney Water would see water bills increase, and thousands of jobs cut. At the last NSW State Election privatisation became one of the top issues for voters and the newly elected Premier has promised to protect Sydney Water and Hunter Water from privatisation. The Premier has promised to enshrine Sydney Water in the NSW Constitution.