New Government to enact Universal Paid Domestic Violence leave ASAP

17 June 2022

“As soon as possible.”

BREAKING: Tony Burke commits to 10 days paid domestic violence leave "as soon as possible"

The Federal Government has written to the Fair Work Commission committing to introduce universal paid leave for family and domestic violence.

This is a huge win for ASU members who have been behind the We Won't Wait campaign for 8 years.

We have already won paid domestic violence leave for millions of workers, including in all Awards in Australia.

ASU Secretary Natalie Lang said: "This is a huge victory and congratulations to all ASU members and all of our sisters and brothers who've been part of this campaign with us."

@australianservicesunion This is a huge victory for 2.6 million workers. #work #auspol #scomo #women ♬ original sound - Team ASU


After 8 years of hard work, rallies, petitions and lobbying, now it will be a reality as soon as possible.

Add your name to our campaign and be part of union history. 

"I joined the union to ensure that we can have good conditions...the ASU stands by your side.”
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