Trains: Government Tantrums and Chaos

Friday 8 April 2022

The NSW Government is in chaos, and commuters and rail workers are paying the price. In the last month, 1 in 3 trains Sydney trains were late, and 1 in 2 NSW TrainLink Services were late.

Opposition Transport MP Jo Haylen says the Government has lost control of the transport system.

Cancellations and delays are now just a part of life for passengers across Sydney.

Everyone knows that on time running has plummeted because of the government’s rail shutdown, their mishandling of industrial negotiations, and their failure to strengthen our rail infrastructure so it can continue to run if there’s a spell of bad weather.” - Jo Haylen, Shadow Transport Minister

ASU members are putting up posters (like the one pictured above!) across the network, reminding commuters that the chaos on the rail network is a direct result of the Government's failures.

Premier Perrottet and his Transport Minister have the power to fix this now - all we're asking for is a fair pay rise and respect at work.

Read more about our campaign to stop the tantrums and end the chaos.

"I joined the union to ensure that we can have good conditions...the ASU stands by your side.”
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