Family and Domestic Violence is a workplace issue.

 Experiencing Violence?
 Call 000 if you are in danger or
in an emergency situation
 TTY Call 106 for an emergency
 Looking for Support or Counselling?
 Call 1800 RESPECT
1800 737 732
 Rape & Domestic Violence
Services Australia

Domestic Violence Impact Line
1800 943 539
 Free, confidential, and 24/7 support is available.
Interpreters are also available free of charge.

The ASU has developed a number of resources to be used in workplaces to support workers who are experiencing family or domestic violence.

These resources have been developed as an extension of the ASU’s campaign to end domestic violence and our campaign for paid domestic violence.

These practical tools have been created by ASU members who are front-line workers in family, domestic and sexual assault services.

Download these guides to share and implement in your own workplace:

 Get in touch with your Union to discuss how we can help support you and your colleagues to make your workplace safe for victim-survivors of family and domestic violence.

Every worker in every workplace deserves paid time off to seek support for family and domestic violence

On average at least one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner in Australia. 

It is estimated that moving to find a new, safe place for yourself and your family can cost up to $20,000 and take more than 140 hours. 

The We Won’t Wait campaign was started by women of the Australian Services Union working in women’s services. Through union we started a campaign in 2015 for universal access to a minimum 10 days paid domestic violence leave to be legislated in the National Employment Standards.  

A woman’s right to safety cannot be dependent on who her employer is. That’s why paid family and domestic violence leave must be a universal entitlement. 

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As advocates for the most vulnerable, we need our own advocates. And I feel like the ASU does a fantastic job of that. 
Chrissy, Independent NDIS Support Worker

Portable Long Service Leave

The Australian Services Union is campaigning to win portable long service leave for community and disability workers in NSW. 5/10/2023