Join us today and stand united for a civil society.

The three demands of our Civil Society campaign are:

  1. Our Industry Standards must set a fair minimum for all workers in our sector, through improving our wages and conditions.
  2. All Governments must support our sector and value our work through proper, transparent funding and an end to competitive tendering.
  3. Employers must support the rights of workers to organise, to work in safety and with respect.

Read all the demands in our claim for building and supporting a truly Civil Society.

A number of organisations have been assessed by their employees to be Civil Society compliant- is yours on the list?

We won huge changes to our sector before - and we will win again, but we need your support in our campaign.



Will you stand united with us as we campaign for better respect and value of the work of our community sector?


"I'm an ASU member because they've always got my back."
ASU member